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Chip Siegel, Attorney Profile

So who is Chip Siegel and why should I hire him?

That is a great question and one that deserves a good answer. I am a highly qualified criminal defense attorney who graduated from a top law school, gained significant experience as a prosecutor, and who believes that all my clients are entitled to respectful, dignified treatment. I charge fair prices for my experience and prior results and understand that my clients deserve the time and attention necessary to both prepare their case and to help guide them through the trauma of the criminal justice system. Additionally, I have personally trained my staff to conduct their administrative responsibilities using this same work ethic. A judicial system that, because of the vast amount of cases, often forgets that an individual accused of a crime is both an individual worthy of respect and is only accused of a crime.

I graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School in 1991 and began my career at the Clark County District Attorney’s Office. I was one of the first prosecutors to recognize the importance of jury communication by use of computer illustrations. While a Deputy District Attorney I was entrusted to teach and work with several local law enforcement agencies. This experience gave me a better understanding on how the police work and meant that I had an excellent working relationship with police officers, and that respect assists me now that I defend you.

As an attorney in private practice, I have respect from the courts and my colleagues. In 2005-2006, I was elected as President of the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the statewide organization for criminal defense attorneys. I sit on the Nevada Attorney Discipline Board for the State Bar of Nevada. The State Bar has asked me on multiple occasions to mentor and monitor other attorneys’ practices. The State Bar recognized my efforts to help the bar by awarding me in 2006 an Outstanding Service Award. The City of Las Vegas even recognized June 20, 2005, as Chip Siegel Day.

Moreover, I have been selected on multiple occasions to be a mentor to new attorneys seeking to become court appointed attorneys in our local Federal Courts. Finally, I have been utilized on countless occasions as a legal expert for various local television stations, newspapers, and a cable news program.

I believe that you will find I have the education and experience to assist you. But, the most important thing for you to know is that I have the time and dedication to help you during this difficult time. I know that you have stress and that you need not just legal knowledge, but compassion and understanding.

I am here to help. It is what I do, and it is why I put my name on this firm.

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